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I bring ficcage! 
08:23pm 27/03/2006
mood: contemplative
Whoo! Inspiration runs high.

I've started a [hopefully short, cuz I never finish them] chapter fic, basically expanding on Delita's psychological composition and the origins of his Machiavellianistic ideals. It's widely believed that Delita was once a relatively innocent commoner that "knew his place," and then after Teta's death, all hell broke loose. However, something about his detatched attitude even before her death leads me to believe that this state of mind existed prior to that event.

Title: Seven Reasons
Pairing: Delita/Ramza
Summary: Seven reasons why Delita’s manipulative schemes and twisted espionage fail to surprise or shock Ramza.
Rating: R-NC17
Commentary: A work in progress. From Ramza's POV. My aim is to make it somewhat disturbing or unsettling, and to uncover a side of Delita that has not yet been examined.

You, reader: ever been in a situation where you were with someone—a lover or a friend—who you knew cared about you, but was just a complete asshole? In fact, no matter how much of an asshole he or she was, you just couldn’t end the relationship? Couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Even though you knew your punk ass was being bitchslapped around to an embarrassing degree. But nope, you just went along with it, hoping they would change? I have. A number of times, actually, and in my opinion, so has Ramza. What I have here is an elaborate chronicle told in Ramza’s simple, yet cynical point of view about how he personally witnessed, experienced, and was even a victim of Delita’s scheming ass long before the murder of Teta, and why he did nothing to stop him. Surprise, surprise, because Delita was never once innocent—not since the day he was conceived, and perhaps not even then. Enjoy.Collapse )
11:45am 26/03/2006
mood: satisfied
Okay so yeah. Your beloved adminitrator-o has decided to get back into the fandom. Yeah, I know. I've been gone and absorbed into YGO and the like, and I haven't posted here in...what now, months?

I'm currently grounded and I have very little to do, though I get the opportunity to sneak on the computer every now and then. And that makes me happy.

I have an essay to type up, but when I'm done with that, I'll have my beloved laptop back in my room and I can draw some lovably slashy Ramza/Delita fanart with my tablet. I'm already working on a poster.

I appreciate new members and posters more than anything. Anything to help this community grow is my best friend.

Your beloved admin,
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11:58pm 23/03/2006
  Guess I should join and help contribute to this, else it'll never grow. X3

I'm Rina. I'm a bit new to the fandom, but I guess it doesn't matter because it's tiny anyways. I'm 7 years kind of late, but I guess that's alright too. Anywho, I bring ficcage...well, sort of.

Over at 1sentence, I did 50 theme sentences under the pairing of Delita x Ramza. I might as well cross post them here.

I'm a sinner, and this is the closest to Heaven I'll ever be.Collapse )

...by the way, anyone have any fic recs?
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03:56pm 02/06/2005
  Hi! I'm $26. Do not spend. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200, because you have $26, and that is how I stay! ^^  
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Community Made! 
12:24am 02/06/2005
mood: accomplished
Well, here we are!

This is my Ramza/Delita LJ Community (obviously) for those of you thatbelieve these two guys from Final Fantasy Tactics (for the PSX) make a good couple.

Whether you're a writer, artist, or just like the idea of these two adorable characters (cough especially Delita cough) then feel free to join!

Lieandra Avonova, signing off!